Your Mother's pearls in today's style!

Posted by Nimisha Rikhi on

We all know how much our grandmother loved her pearls. On those special occasions in the family and outside, she would just take out that simple pearl necklace and look exquisite! So inspired was our mother that she took to them too as she reached her middle ages.

But I say why middle ages? Why does one have to look like a grown woman when we wear pearls? And that's how I had the idea to embellish those exquisite pearls with colors and shine. Add a little crystal pendant that shimmers and dazzles in light, changing shades as it changes angles, and there you have it. Pearls for the modern woman of today. Sprinkle some colorful gemstones or use a large colorful unique glass pendant, and you have a pearl necklace that makes you look graceful and chic, elegant and stylish!

Colorful Luminance!

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