Which jewelry personality are you?

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It is widely believed that your jewelry gives an indication of who you are. Your personality dictates what kind of jewelry you like to wear. So, what's your jewelry personality? 
When you know your personality, your choices in life, your lifestyle, the reason why you decided to do what you do become more and more clear to yourself. And that's when you begin to identify with your presence, your beauty, your style. That's how you form your identity, your personality that speaks out loud and clear: "This is who I am! This is me!"
Your clothes, your shoes and your jewelry is such an important participant in this journey of self discovery. Are you ready to take this journey with me? It's a multi-dimensional journey, that starts with this blog. This is just the beginning, my dear! So, first things first. Let's begin the search for your identity, let's find your personal style, your jewelry personality! Read along and write to me in the comments below which one do you identify with the most. Some of you might find you are a mix of more than one personality. That's absolutely fine. We will start from there. And I promise to go on this journey with every single one of you who participates. Only condition, please comment on the actual blog and sign up on the website to become a member so we can have personalized conversations as we take this journey together.
Bold and Adventurous:
Do you like Lady Gaga's style? Have you seen Celine Dion's fashion statement in Paris recently? Big, bright, bold and majestic!! Are you always up for adventure? You love experimenting with your look and style. You like to wear bold and unique jewelry. You get a high when people complement you with: "I love what you are wearing. I won't wear it myself but I love it on you!" If this is you, then you are definitely bold and adventurous. 
Below is an ensemble for you. A multi-way necklace that you can wear double-stranded short or single-stranded and long, either way with or without the large flower pendant. That's four different styles in one necklace! Change the necklace style midway through the event. Boy! Would people notice that! Wear it on a red Stella McCartney gown with a flowing cape sleeve accessorized with bright red heels and a clutch.
Bold and Beautiful Ensemble
Cool and Composed:
Are you a lady who's always calm and unperturbed with life's disturbances? You like having everything under control. There's no place for chaos in your life. You like to wear jewelry that is soft, subtle and chic and has a quiet elegance to it. You like complements, but you don't seek them! If this is you, then you are cool and composed. And below is an ensemble, especially for you. Wide leg sailor pants with gold-toned buttons paired with a cute lacy crop top and slim ankle strap sandals. Freshwater pearls with the charming Labradorite at the center, flanked by two small Malachite beads will complement this ensemble and place your style quotient a notch up.
Style guide for a cool and composed lady
Rise and Shine:
You are the spark that lights up a party! Your energy and effervescence is so contagious that people miss you when you are not around. You are full of life and spread laughter all around you. Your jewelry, just like you, includes lots of colors and lots of shine. Here's an ensemble for you, my dear. The pretty pink princess dress is so you! Peep toe pumps with sparkly embellishments, a shiny blue top handle purse, shiny nail color, and the look completed by freshwater pearls and colorful crystal beads. What do you say?
Shiny and colorful jewelry
So, what is your jewelry personality? Did you like my ensemble for you? Let's talk about it. Write me a comment below and let's discuss your jewelry personality. 
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