My Story

The artist in me had always been looking for an outlet. In my childhood, I used to make wall hangings and greeting cards with Mom. As I grew up and traveled around, due to my studies, I dabbled in a hundred different things, from stitching to embroidery to rug-hooking and scrapbooking. Until one day, a co-worker brought a beaded bracelet she had made for her friend's wedding. I looked at the bracelet and my heart skipped a beat. I had found my calling! This is exactly what I had been looking for all those years. I started making necklaces for myself, my sister, and my mother. My sister would wear my jewelry to family gatherings, and give me feedback on people's responses. Before I knew it, everyone was asking me where I was selling my jewelry. And that is how it all started. I became a self-taught jewelry designer, discovering and learning and growing as I designed jewelry, and became a business owner.

Ever since I was a little girl in middle school, I have been charmed by the allure of pearls. As I watched women wearing pearls on TV, in movies, in real life, I realized how pearls transform a woman into a state of aristocracy and royalty, without much ado.

When I was doing my Ph.D. (in Biology), I visited a crystal store. Those cute little figurines, with a touch of color accentuating the luster of the crystals. I was completely drawn into the world of crystals, like "Alice in Wonderland"! I used to say to myself, "If I become rich, I would have a shelf full of all these crystal figurines."

Years later, when I got into jewelry designing, I came across the crystal beads and crystal pearls in colors like luminous green, rose, crystal heliotrope, paradise shine, Bermuda blue, etc. I was back in my dreamland of crystals. And all these colored crystals became incorporated into my designs.

Being a quintessential Indian girl, my love for colors is much too overwhelming to ignore. You will see a subtle Indian touch in my designs: A sprinkle of colors, or a special bail or pendant, or the combination and contrast of colors. 


Welcome to the world of colorful luminance!