Are you someone who has been in love with her grandmother’s pearls all her life? But you think pearls would make you look old and mature beyond your years. You think a pearl necklace can only be worn when you are dressed up in an elegant evening gown. Well, I used to think the same. I have been in love with pearls, just like you, since I was a little girl.

Years later, I discovered the magic of crystals in jewelry. And that's when the idea came to me: How about adding little colorful, shiny crystals to a string of pearls? Thus came about my collection of pearls embellished with colors and shine. And I discovered my tagline: “Colorful Luminance”

A marriage of classic elegance and contemporary style. Turning a simple and elegant pearl necklace into a contemporary style statement. A bit of color and a bit of shimmer, and now you can wear a pearl necklace to work, to your date night, or to a day out with old friends. Make a fashion statement with your grandmother’s pearls.

Let the old-world elegance of pearls be a guiding force in transforming you into a woman who has identified her personal style and is confidently flaunting it, because she knows her style is unique in its fusion of sophisticated elegance and contemporary chic; a fashion statement that is subtle and yet unmatched. Whether you are a woman who is successful and accomplished, or a woman who is young and naïve and just venturing out into the real world, having your own individual style and personality gives you the confidence that you know exactly who you are and what you seek in your life. You are a confident woman of today, ready to take on the world.

I have designs for all kinds of personalities. Whether you are cute and bubbly, or bold and adventurous, or calm and composed; browse through the collections to find your unique voice in jewelry.


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