Caring for your pearl jewelry

Tips for caring for your freshwater pearls


  • Produced by a living organism and called a “water gem”, pearls are soft and sensitive and require special care.
  • Avoid using perfume, hairspray and nail polish removers when you are wearing your freshwater pearls. Always wear your pearls after putting on your make up, perfume, and styling your hair. Your jewelry should be the last step of getting ready process.
  • Like skin, pearls are an organic product and require hydration. Therefore, perspiration can be harmful. Sorry ladies, cannot flaunt your peals in a gym session! After use, keep them in a jewelry box. You can also wipe them with a soft cloth before placing in the jewelry box.
  • When travelling, keep the pearls in a jewelry pouch.
  • If you clean your pearls, simply wipe them with a soft cloth. Do not use any ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Human skin oils are the best for pearls. This means that to keep them hydrated, you should wear them often. The more you wear your pearls, the longer its luster will last. Isn’t that neat?


Go out and wear them every day and keep them shiny, and keep looking pretty!