This Black Friday, make a difference!

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Black Friday Sale

Shop our Black Friday collection and make a difference in the life of children up in the mountains of Kenya.

Let me explain about how you will be making a difference this Black Friday. Let me tell you a short story about a Kenyan lady.

Miriam Sei was a single mother to four kids, working hard in the city of Nairobi, raising her children and providing them with a good education. As they grew up and found their careers, some of them even moved to the US, she moved back to her farm in the mountains to enjoy her retired life right where she belonged.

While at her farm, she observed that the children who came to buy her produce from the farm always brought exact change with them. Soon she realized that they had no idea of numbers and couldn't do any math. Being a teacher that she always was, it pained her to see the lack of education in the life of these little farm kids. That is when she started teaching a group of children under a tin shed.

When Miriam Sei passed away, a few years ago, her children decided to carry on her legacy of a teacher who made a difference in the life of the poor underprivileged children, and incorporated a 501 (C) in the US and turned their mother's tin-shed class into a full-fledged school with multiple classes and professional teachers in each class. They are building and expanding the brick and mortar school and providing formal education to the children.

Every year they select a group of students based on their academic performance and sponsor their higher education - one year at a time. And they depend on the goodwill of people like us to help them continue with their endeavor, hoping to be able to sponsor every child in the school to go for higher studies. This year they need to raise a total of $900 to sponsor all the selected children.

Currently at the helm is a lady of equal passion as her mother. She is a Scientist by profession. She doesn't just wait for donations to come in. She does Uber over the weekend to raise money for her school. Her passion drives mine! Last year my son (5yo then) sent his previous year's Winter clothes and boots to the children in this school so they could be warm and cozy in the cold. I was a proud mother that day!

So, let us help the Sunsei Educational Center, the primary school sponsored by Miriam Sei Education. Inc.

Nimisha Rikhi Designs has pledged to donate 10% of the entire Black Friday sale to sponsor at least one student's one year of education. Hoping to cover the entire students of this year, with your help! Start small and build as you go! Don't wait to help others in need!

Below are the links to Website and Facebook page of Miriam Sei Education, Inc.:

Make a difference!

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