My Mother!

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My mother is the simplest, the quietest, the most sacrificing and the most talented homemaker I've known in my life. Do you know why I call her the most talented? Because she has this huge hunger for learning! And when you are hungry to learn, there's absolutely no limit to how much and what you can learn. And that's what makes you the most talented. Because if you don't know something, that's only because you haven't got around to learn it yet! :)

I remember so many times when I have caught her asking questions, wanting to learn, ready to know about something, simply because she doesn't know. Like when I was a kid, I remember we were visiting my uncle's family and one day, my cousin brother (only a year older than me) was helping his mom with laundry. Based in a small town in India in the early 90s, we had only seen a washing machine on TV. And there I found her asking my cousin how to use it and listening intently. That day I learnt a very important lesson in life: Wisdom comes from Humility! There is no limit to learning, if you have the humility to ask anyone, irrespective of their age, qualification or status in life.

At a time when the women of her generation in India were looking at cellphones like we look at Fighter Jets, mom was actually using one. At a time when the women of her generation in India were learning the meaning of internet and emails, she was on Facebook!

While most mothers would take charge of their children's life and solve their problems, my mother was quietly teaching us sisters how to solve our own problems. An epitome of quiet strength, she taught us the difference between being loud and being brave. And what a difference that is!

With her education and the immense talent and creativity within her, she could have easily made a successful career for herself, but she chose to give it up for her husband and kids. When her husband was flourishing in his professional life, she was quietly anchoring his personal life. When her daughters were moving out and away, she provided the support and the strength to fly into the unknown skies, high above...

Mothers and sacrifice! How the two resonate! 

Does she sound like your mother? Tell me about her in the comments below. Let's celebrate our mothers together. Cheers to motherhood!!

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  • Hi Parul! I am so sorry for the delayed reply. I just saw your message. Thank you so much! Glad to be an inspiration. :)

    Nimisha on
  • Di, I’ve always believed that only an inspiring woman can raise inspiring girls. I hold both of you didis in high regard. So doesn’t come as a surprise that the foundation behind both of you is a strong individual too. My regards to auntie!

    Parul on
  • Thank you so much for your appreciation, Ruchi! I will definitely write more blogs. May be some day I will do another blog on mummy again! :)

    Nimisha on
  • Wow di! Very well said. What can be a better way to start your blog. This ism is like doing om namah shivay.. write more about his.. It’s so nice to know her more.. ours being such a big family we haven’t got to know each one very well.. would want to know more about her… didn’t know about buas craving to learn new things.. though i know she was amongst the first one I know in the family to use fb. Want to know how she brought up such talented girls. Mummy has always given me examples of both of you being so creative and talented. Yes, I could also totally resonate with it. We are blessed to have such mothers. Wonder if we can be even a bit of them. Looking forward to reading more of you.

    Ruchi Sinha on

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