Style Guide for Summer Collection - IV

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Style Guide for Freshwater pearls with crystal beads and pendant
Freshwater pearls with Swarovski flower pendant
Welcome back to the fourth part of our style guide series for the new Summer Collection. 
I found this lovely crop top on Etsy. A deep space starry crop top that looks so intriguing and fascinating. So charming, it captivated my interest the moment I set my eyes on it. And then, of course, I designed my next style guide around that special top!! What do you say? Did I make my ensemble subtle enough to make this starry top the center of attraction?
Click on the picture and shop away. Did I mention that you would have to click once and then once again to get to my Polyvore page for direct shopping or store info.? 
Let me know in the comments below what you think about it. Are you as fascinated as I am. Let me know how it was if you decide to buy it. 
Oh dear! I got completely sidelined from promoting my necklace, didn't I? Well, what can you say? When a woman falls in love with something, she just falls in love!! :)

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