Red Black and Gold Crystal Pearl Pendant Necklace - Sudipta

  • $150.00

Sudipta is a gold-plated chainmeille necklace with a large gold-plated flower pendant. She also has a strand of crystal pearls in coral red and mystic black.

Now, Sudipta is a unique and exceptional jewelry. Why exceptional, you ask? Because Sudipta is very dangerous. She has split personality! One day she is short and double stranded, all cute and coy, and another day she becomes long and single stranded, and that is when you gotta be wary of her. She is gonna kill you with her bold and adventurous personality. She literally slays when she assumes this avatar. You don't believe me? Have a look at the pictures. Still not convinced? Well, then how about you watch her in action? Do you dare? Go ahead and put her on! But don't forget to warn your loved ones beforehand. They might be in for a real shock!

And on some rare occasion she acquires a third personality, where the flower pendant connected to the necklace is removed. Then she becomes a necklace without pendant. She is more playful and fun in this avatar. You will enjoy her when she is in her third avatar.

What you wear Sudipta on also plays a part in her split personality. A pastel top will impart a sense of calmness to her, whereas a navy blue or black top will reignite her adventurous spirit.

Now here's the most exciting part of Sudipta. There are only a couple of Sudipta available. Make her yours today!!


The gold plating on the rings and flower pendant is very high quality that is durable and long-lasting.



Check out my blog post showing a style guide for Sudipta. Please click on Styling Sudipta.


We have more designs with normal personalities in our collection too!



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