Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace - Twinkle

  • $275.00

Twinkle is a Swarovski crystal pendant, in either Green or Pink, on a cultured freshwater pearl necklace. She comes in two different colors - crystal vitrail (green) and rose (pink).

When in crystal vitrail, Twinkle has a dazzling sparkle and changes color at every angle. Between the shades of greens, yellows, browns and reds, she creates magic at every angle. And she doesn't even need the sunlight to sparkle and shine. As shown in the picture, Twinkle adorned in Green was set up with a large selection of colorful bangles around her, and she sure gels perfectly with every color on display. Does this mean you can wear her on any color or shade in the world? Well, the best way is to try it out, don't you think?

When in rose, Twinkle is a complete antithesis to the crystal vitrail. An epitome of grace and beauty, the rose Swarovski pendant on pearl necklace is sublime beauty. Navy blue and white is the perfect combination to elevate her to royalty. And the picture concurs!

Whether in crystal vitrail or in rose, you know why she was named Twinkle, don't you? The iridescent flash of colors makes a mesmerizing appeal. She can turn a simple white dress into an unforgettable impression, glowing, shining and sparkling like a star!


For inspiration on how to style Twinkle, check out my blog post showing a style guide for her. Click on Styling Twinkle in Green and Styling Twinkle in Pink.




Cultured freshwater pearls - 4-5mm, semi-round.

Pendant - Swarovski crystal, crystal vitrail, rose, 12mm, faceted rivoli.

Setting - Silver-finished pewter.\

Length of necklace is 18 inches. A chain extender included.

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