Blue Pearl Necklace - Neela

Blue Pearl Necklace - Neela

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Neela is a cultured freshwater pearl necklace with a Swarovski crystal curved pearl in cream color and a silver lined cobalt blue seed bead at the end. The contrast of cobalt blue on white pearls is striking and attracts attention.

Are you a lady who is known to be organized and systematic in her approach to work, and is called "grace personified"? Do you wish you could wear a simple pearl necklace without appearing traditional and old worldly? Well, how about adding a little bit of sparkle to your charming pearls? A sparkle that is so subtle, it's hardly there, and yet so striking, you cannot miss it. That is the charm of Neela, with a curved Swarovksi pearl that completely blends with the white pearls, thereby allowing that little tiny cobalt blue seed bead to make a striking presence. She will definitely add to your image of grace and elegance, without the perception of being old worldly.

Now, Neela's name means blue, but she doesn't have the depth or the vastness of the blue ocean. She doesn't even have the depth of sadness like in the "blues". No, Neela is just a speck of blue engulfed in whiteness.Just a speck of bright and deep cobalt blue. Just a tiny little speck of brightness and spark. Just like that bright lightening strike in a sky engulfed with the dark grey rumbling clouds. Ha! What were you thinking?

Neela is available as a set of necklace and earrings. "Neela earrings" are also sold separately in the "Earrings" collection.


Cultured freshwater pearls - white, 5mm, button-shaped.
Swarovski crystal pearl - curved pearl in cream - 9mm.
Seed bead - silver-lined transparent cobalt blue #8 round.

Length of necklace is 18 inches. A chain extender included.

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