Summer Vibes

The Summer is here!

Are you ready to take your style quotient to the next level with eye-catching jewelry? This summer create some drama in your styling. Wear pearls to your beach parties, or wear dramatic statement necklaces or long dangling earrings to work.

Crystal pearls are a special kind of faux pearls made with the intent of capturing the elegance of natural pearls, while adding an extra zing of color and shine that's very crystal-like. Layers of shiny pearlescent "nacre" is added on to a solid crystal base to create a "pearl" that is resistant to cosmetics and perfume.

Check out some of the crystal pearl necklaces, earrings and jewelry sets below and pick the right kind for your summer wardrobe.

Click on each picture to check out the jewelry. 


Jewelry Sets

 You can have them in multilayered light pastel shades...

Multi-layered Crystal Pearl Jewelry Set
or bright hues of purple and green as big bold pearls.
Large Crystal Pearl Jewelry
Who says you cannot wear it to the beach with your girl gang?
Rose Gold Crystal Pearl Jewelry
How about going ultra-glam with Red and Gold choker?
Red and Gold Crystal Pearl Choker
Crystal pearl earrings, long and dangling, in pastel hues, can have a dazzling effect on your summer dress.
Crystal Pearl Pastel Long Dangling Earrings
Equally exciting are crystal bead and pendant earrings. The shiny tear drop pendant shimmers in the sun and catches everyone's attention.
Long Crystal Drop Earrings
How about Purple and Aquamarine crystals? Or may be emerald or ruby crystals? 
Purple and Aquamarine Crystal Earrings
And if you like simple beads on your ears, then we have just the thing for you.
Crystal Beads Earrings
Statement Necklaces
If you have a big event coming up and you wanna make a splash, then a statement necklace is what you need...
Interchangeable Statement Necklace Crystal Pearls
Traditional Red and Gold Crystal Pearl Necklace
Multi-layered Multicolored Crystal Pearl Choker

Click on each picture to check out the jewelry.