Our Philanthropic Endeavor
In the end of 2017, we pledged to sponsor the entire (primary) education of two children - Weldon and Salome - at the SunSei Educational Center in Kenya. We thank all of you who have supported us and made it possible to take a step towards making a difference! Thank you for your support, Thank you for being our client, Thank you for appreciating us, Thank you for helping us grow!
Please read my blog post to know more about our philanthropic endeavor.
In 2018, Nimisha Rikhi Designs has pledged to sponsor one year of education of one kid (at the same school as above) with every sale.
Let us all strive to bring a smile on the face of all children who have been underprivileged due to their parents' economic status or their country's political situation. Every little step goes a long way in shaping their lives and securing a happy future for them.