Pearl necklace with Cat's eye glass pendant in Teal or Blue Green

Teal Necklace - Christina

  • $255.00

Christina is a cultured freshwater pearl necklace with a large heart-shaped cat's eye glass pendant in teal. Cat's eye glass is a special kind of glass with a shiny streak of light reflecting across it's length like a cat's eye.

Christina is for the woman who is trying to overcome her shyness, to build an image that shows confidence, a personality that belies her inner core of reserved energy. You can achieve that with a bit of a tweak in your personal styling. Wear Christina, the simple and comfortable pearl necklace with an addition of a shiny teal pendant that is large in size and yet subtle in its color tone. On a regular every day work wear, Christina could help you achieve that seemingly impossible perception of boldness and confidence, without actually being bold.

Christina is like a wise aunt. She has a solution for all your problems in life. She is an observer and a learner. Her wisdom is way beyond her years. She might be soft spoken but her words are hard-hitting. Anytime you feel lost in life, she will show you the way and find your happy space in the world.



Cultured freshwater pearls - white, 4-5mm, semi-round.
Pendant - Cat's eye glass, teal, 44X40mm-45X41mm, heart shape with a cutout circle.

Length of necklace is 18 inches. A chain extender included.

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