Pearl Pendant Necklace - Charity

  • $208.00

Have you ever seen someone wear a porcelain flower? That is what Charity has on cultured freshwater pearls, with dark blue lapis lazuli gemstone beads. And here's the most exciting part, only you would know her pendant is porcelain. Because it looks and feels soft as cotton.

Tiny, deep, dark blue lapis lazuli beads accentuate the aura of pearls, while providing the contrast as well as blending in with the flower pendant. You can wear Charity on your pristine white summer dress, or on a white sweater dress, and you will weave magic around you as you walk by people.

Now, Charity is a Caribbean. She is an islander, alright! The vastness of deep blue ocean and the effervescence of white waves dancing spiritedly up and down the surface. Only, Charity is a bit of an inside out kind of a girl. She gets things mixed up a bit. May be she likes being different. May be she thinks she is other worldly. I mean who wears porcelain? May be she thinks it makes her exotic. I don't know. But what I do know is that she is pretty and she looks cool! She looks soft and sophisticated, nothing like the deep blue vast ocean, and nothing like the seemingly heavy porcelain pendant. Actually, she looks like a delicate flower. May be she does look different. Who knows! She confuses me!


Length of the necklace is 24 inches.


You can get matching Kai Earrings with a single freshwater pearl from our Earrings collection.


More designs with freshwater pearls can be found in our collection.



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